Why should I learn C?

C was the programming language developed at AT & T's Bell Laboratories of USA in 1972. It was written by a man name Dennis Ritchie.
Although numerous computer languages are used for writing computer applications, the computer programming language, C, is the most popular language worldwide. Everything from microcontrollers to operating systems is written in C since it’s very flexible and versatile, allowing maximum control with minimal commands. If you are interested in a career in computer programming, it would be wise to start by learning the C programming language.

There are numerous benefits from learning C:
C is the basic language of all advanced computer languages.
The most important benefit is that the C programming language is recognized worldwide
Used in a multitude of applications, including advanced scientific systems and operating systems.
If you want to learn C++, which is an object oriented language, you need to know the C language well beforehand. Once you master C programming, you can easily learn another specified language.
Whenever it comes to performance (speed of execution), C is unbeatable.
Programming in C is fairly easy because it uses basic commands in English.
However C is a compiled language so after you type your commands, in order to execute your program, you need to run it through a compiler to transform the human-readable form into machine-readable language.
There are many C compilers available today.
If you are a student working on a university UNIX computer, you can use the compiler for free. Otherwise, you can purchase Microsoft’s Visual C++ environment, which compiles both C and C++ programs. In addition, there are some free compilers you can use over the Web.