Why Should I learn Java

Why Should I learn Java ?

Anyone can learn Java. It can be picked up easily, and is for both beginners and experts alike

Java is Easy to learn
Java is Free
Java is Platform independent
Create computer programs to perform tasks for you
Improve your logical thinking
Java is everywhere
Program in the object-oriented world
Great collection of Open Source Libraries
Use Java with Javascript and Java Server Pages (JSP) to create powerful web applications
Java has Powerful development tools e.g. Eclipse, Netbeans
Show off to your friends
Get an extremely high paying job as a Java developer/software engineer
Start your own business creating software programs for others

Imagine starting up your own software company. How do you think Bill Gates started his career? He started creating programs at an early age, and then used his vast knowledge of programming to start up Microsoft in his college years. So many people just do not have the technical know-how, and there are lots of companies that do not have their own technical staff. Software consultants can get paid as much as $60 or $80 an hour for their services. That is a tidy sum! You can always also create a program that people will find useful and sell it over the Internet. Computer programming opportunities are EVERYWHERE, and those who have programming experience have an incredible service to offer to those who have no technical knowledge.

Learn Java to begin your incredible journey of software programming today!