Why Should I learn Java Script?

There are many Web Programming Languages like Ruby, PHP, Python and JavaScript. Of all the most common web programming language is JavaScript.
If you are setting out to learn your first web programming language, then you should learn JavaScript.

A.JavaScript is easy to use and has an immediate payoff

JavaScript is the only web programming language that runs both in the frontend and the backend (more on that later), which means two very important things for you:
1.JavaScript comes installed on every modern web browser, so you can LITERALLY start programming in JavaScript this very second on the every browser.
2.Because you can use JavaScript on the frontend and because JavaScript runs all the fun interactive elements of websites you can start to use it immediately to sex up your website.

B.JavaScript can be used to make sites pretty and to build crazy fast servers

Up until about ten years ago, JavaScript was really only used on the frontend. That means that it ran in your browser and allowed developers to create interactive elements on websites like slideshows and whatnot, but it didnít do a lot of fancy stuff. With AJAX coming into the scene created the ability to use JavaScript in conjunction with data and made it possible to do all kinds of crazy stuff like load new stuff on a website without refreshing the page.
Think how Gmail loads your new emails or Twitter loads new tweets.

Excellent job growth and high pay for those who know JavaScript.