Why should I Learn PHP?

Two of the easiest Web services programming languages to learn are JavaScript and PHP. Even a few lines of JavaScript and PHP can do useful things. You can start writing programs quickly, without having to learn of lot of stuff first.
Java is one of the more difficult languages to learn. It is good language, but it is very structured and hard for beginners to get started.
PHP programs run on Web servers. They let Web pages store data on database servers. Server-side programs are crucial on today’s Web. PHP is (relatively) easy to learn.

Write your own programs

You can write simple PHP programs for many tasks. For example, you can build a contact page. Or a page that helps users recommend a site to a friend. Even a simple chat feature is easy to write.
Learning PHP can help you:
Understand how the Web really works
Understand business value on the Web
Install and manage software
Customize and extend software
Write your own programs
Work with others more effectively
Decide on a career